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Quoting, Order Entry & Purchase Processing Software

Today’s industrial distributor is faced with increasingly demanding customers, low margins, and a growing list of competitors. In order to succeed, opportunities exist to optimize the quoting, order entry, and purchasing processes for distributors with the right business management software. Whereas some software solutions may provide just one standalone feature, the capabilities of Tribute Inc.’s industry-focused ERP software, TrulinX, are extensive. Distributors have found that TrulinX provid

Counter Sales Feature

In the past not having the right people and processes in place at the counter wasn’t as detrimental as it is today. As the market continues to shift to a customer-first service approach, industrial distributors who don’t commit to counter sales will quickly fall behind their competitors. One of the biggest challenges facing distributors who are making counter sales a priority is the number of tasks placed on the counter sales personnel. For most operations, counter sales staff are asked to hand

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions Before Implementing a Cycle Count Program

Companies who must manage inventory face the challenge of finding new ways to improve processes and overall efficiency. One popular inventory management technique to accomplish these goals is cycle-counting. In cycle-counting a subset of inventory is counted on a recurring schedule, on specific days, in a designated location. These types of programs help replace the need to conduct once-a-year physical counts. They also provide an opportunity to count certain items on a more regular basis. Othe

Trends in the Pump Industry

The industrial pump market has always experienced consistent growth across the globe, but the next decade could yield an even higher demand. As improved infrastructure development continues to be a priority for numerous countries, the need for quality industrial pumps will increase drastically as well. Other factors expected to heighten the demand of the industrial pumps market include growth in several end-use application segments, increased opportunities in different regions throughout the gl

4 Ways Analytics Can Boost a Distributor's Cash Flow

Being a middleman is a tough place to be. Distributors often find themselves “caught” between suppliers that want the shortest payment terms possible and customers who want to take their time paying their bills. This and other factors can create significant cash crunches for distributorships that don’t pay close attention to margin, inventory levels, sales, and expenses. Keeping a close eye on certain metrics, then, is crucial for distributors to improve their cash flow. Here are a few ways anal

How the Changing Needs of Healthcare Require Digital Agreements

“We are truly living in unprecedented times.” By now I am sure you have heard it a million times. Sadly, it does not seem to be going away any time soon. Since the arrival of COVID-19, companies and organizations have been forced to make changes to the way they conduct business. For some that meant closing for a period of time, for others, it was implementing new safety precautions. The one thing that all businesses have had to contend with is finding a way to adopt new remote processes.

How to Quickly Onboard New Users to Your Telehealth Software

As the healthcare industry looks to quickly adapt and integrate telemedicine/telehealth software into daily use, the capabilities of healthcare businesses will increase as well. One potential area of concern during this migration is the potential for a bottleneck during the onboarding of new users. It is important to make a good first impression with users that agree to use the software by making the onboarding process efficient and easy.

Transitioning from a Convenient Commodity to an Essential Service in COVID-19

Hundreds of healthcare businesses have transitioned from being a convenient commodity to an essential business within the last few months. Specifically, companies that provide either healthcare software or telehealth and telemedicine have seen the biggest shift so far. With a significant number of patients now preferring remote care to face-to-face care, many healthcare businesses and software providers have seen an increase in demand from healthcare businesses who are using their services.

Using Self-Service to Improve Patient Experience

With contactless care becoming more popular due to COVID, healthcare facilities are starting to invest in self-service solutions. These solutions provide patients with the opportunity to remotely complete intake and consent forms without having to wait in a waiting room. On the surface, this looks like a strategy that only benefits the healthcare industry, but patients benefit from it too in the form of shorter wait times.

Why Customer Experience Matters in Healthcare (And How to Improve It)

When most people think about businesses, most don't immediately think of those in the healthcare sector. The only difference is, most of the time, people are not going to visit a medical facility for a pleasurable or leisurely reason. They are there because they need to have a procedure done, they are sick, or they need to be tested or screened. But just like any other business, healthcare companies need to consider customer experience.

Making Contracts Integral to the Buying Experience

Customers everywhere have come to expect seamless self-service experiences. The days of thinking a massive sales team and glitzy outbound marketing are all a business needs to succeed are far behind us, and the 21st Century has ushered in a new era of customer experience. Whether self-service or involving a sales rep, this now includes the sales process. Contracts are an essential part of the buying experience. Not only do they govern the relationship between transacting parties, but their seam

What You're Probably Getting Wrong About Back-End Records

With the rise and increasing popularity of online businesses, it's very easy to overlook important aspects such as back-end record storage. Businesses rely on contracts and agreements to protect themselves legally. At some point, we have all downloaded an app or made an online purchase that prompted us to “click” to gain access to a website or agree to the company’s terms and conditions. Every day businesses find themselves in the awkward position of thinking they have all the legal requirement