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Your Flow Control Experts for Hygienic Personal Care Solutions

The personal care industry continues to grow at a rapid rate globally, as consumer trends tend to change frequently and without much warning. This constant flux is one of the biggest challenges facing personal care product manufacturers. The need to bring specialized products that appeal to niche markets has forced businesses to create processes focused around adapting quickly. FCX has made it a top priority to be a resource and partner for our clients and other personal care manufacturers who

Your Flow Control Experts for Hygienic Beverage Solutions

In today’s marketplace, there are more beverage options now than there ever were before. As companies try to capture smaller niche markets by introducing new and innovative flavors, the demand for a sustainable, hygienic process is paramount. Over the past couple of decades, there has also been added pressure by the government on beverage manufacturers to produce a higher-quality product. This has resulted in stricter hygienic standards set forth by the FDA. With the ever-changing landscape of

Your Flow Control Experts for Hygienic Food Solutions

The growing pallet of taste and texture by the consumer has put big pressure on manufactures to adjust rapidly to new trends as well as provide more transparency into the production process and equipment used to make the produce. In addition, increased pressure by both the regulatory agencies and consumers for a healthier food product creates challenges with more complex production methodologies. Gone are the days where companies were able to pack items full of sugar or chemicals that made the p

FCX: experts in steam and heat transfer products

Preventative maintenance and proper care for the pumps involved in your hygienic process is important to ensure the overall unit is performing optimally. Manufacturers utilize their resources to keep production running, intricate operating knowledge of every component takes away from core production. Often times an issue isn’t discovered until either a pump goes down or the overall system is underperforming. By this point, the inefficient pumps can silently bleed thousands of dollars off the bot

Your Flow Control Experts for Hygienic Dairy Solutions

As with many companies who produce consumable products, dairy manufactures require a process that provides efficient results and minimizes cross-contamination. That is why FCX has partnered with several premier suppliers and manufacturers in the industry to deliver high-quality equipment and services. From the top of the line pumps and valves to dairy-specific heating & filtration equipment, our team is prepared to help you maximize overall yield and process efficiency. We have selected and off

Your Flow Control Experts for Hygienic Biopharmaceutical Solutions

As federal regulations continue to become more stringent, biopharmaceutical manufacturers need to be consistently monitoring their hygienic process. New guidelines and standards can impact systems making them outdated or challenges the current status with new and expanded research. With a high demand placed on manufacturers to constantly produce new and innovative products, businesses can’t afford to have an inefficient process that wastes production time and material. For over 20 years, FCX ha

Your Flow Control Experts for Hygienic Pharmaceutical Solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are on a constant mission to minimize costs while maintaining a profit in what tends to be a fragmented industry. Facing stringent regulatory standards and government mandates, businesses need to have the ability to quickly adapt their process to multiple needs. Regardless of which pharmaceutical vertical your company plays in, things such as high costs for batching products must be taken into account. That is one of the reasons why FCX works with manufacturers to h

Hygienic Benefits

Maintaining a clean process and environment is crucial for all industries, but especially so for those in the Hygienic Market. Manufacturers who operate in the: Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Dairy, Food, Beverage, and Personal Care are responsible for ensuring every batch of products they create is both validated and repeatable. Not only does this help to avoid cross-contamination between different batch runs, but it also reduces wasted products as well. Companies who produce a product tha